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"The purpose of my art is to pursue the Truth. We get closer to the Truth about the world when we first observe it from different points of view, perceive through many senses, and then integrate it in one act of artistic expression. In my artwork, I create an abundance of shape and colour transformations that give the viewer an illusion of infinity. It becomes a reflection of our world, which is immensely diverse and virtually endless"


Katarina Chyrva

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Katarina Chyrva is a multidisciplinary artist who spans visual art, fashion design, and architecture. She received her master's degree in architecture in 2014 and continues to work as an architect. However, she has gained widespread recognition for her captivating paintings that evoke a sense of infinity in the viewer. Katarina experiments with various media combinations. Her innovative blending of traditional painting techniques and computer graphics creates otherworldly compositions with a distinctive style.

Katarina's artistic vision has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions across Europe, including two solo shows in Poland and a showcase at the prestigious Art Nordic art fair in Copenhagen in 2022. Her artwork has also been prominently featured in international fashion and art magazines, including her illustrations gracing the front and back covers of the Milan-based Hunter Fashion Magazine in 2021. Additionally, Katarina's painting 'Transcendence' was recognised with an honourable mention in the esteemed Luxembourg Art Prize competition in the same year.

In addition to her visual artistry, Katarina has contributed to the fashion world through her unique collection of clothing and accessories that feature her artwork as ornate designs on silk fabric. Each piece, from silk scarves to dresses, is a wearable work of art that seamlessly merges Katarina's artistic sensibilities with her fashion design expertise. In addition, Katarina is a beautiful model to present her fashion, showcasing her clothing and accessories with effortless elegance.

With a diverse portfolio that highlights her wide range of creative talents, Katarina Chyrva is an artist who consistently pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and blurs the lines between different mediums.



2024: Solo show in Casyno Pałacyk / Podkowa Lesna / Poland


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Interview for Business Woman and Life  magazine



"Transcendence" - Article in online blog of Zolota  magazine

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" Season`s Nature" - issue of fashion Life is Art mazanie


"Caleidoscope" - issue of fashion Marika mazanie

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