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CICA MUSEUM, Gimpo, Korea


I was invited to take part in the group exhibition in CICA Museum in Korea in Summer of 2023. My artworks "Tiles" and " The Dream Path" were shown during the exhibition.

Below you can find the link to  exhibition.


Kopernik Science Center, Warsaw

The exhibition " Art Across the Boundaries" was held during the International Atheist Conference "Days of Atheism 2023" with Richard Dawkins 31.03.2023-1.04.2023 in Kopernic Science Center in Warsaw, Poland. I showed my artwork "The God is Me".


Zannart Studio, Warsaw, Poland

Fisrt edition of the group Exhibition " Connected Art" was held from July to August 2022 in Zannart Studio in House of artists in Warsaw, Poland. The studio is run by ukrainian Artist Anna Kristina Zinchenko, the aim of the studio is to createindependent international artistic community. I was presenting my collection of artistic sulk scraved during the exhibition.


Zannart Studio, Warsaw, Poland

Second edition of the group Exhibition " Connected Art" was held in December 2022 in Zannart Studio. The studio is located in House of Artist in very heart of Warsaw. My silk  hand embroidered artworks  "Tiles" and " Feme" were prshown during the exhibition together with collection of my artistic silk scarves.


Tana Art Gallery,

Venice, 2022

Art Box took place in Tana Art Gallery in , Venice. It took place during  Biennale in Venice in 2022, I showed my artwork " Transcendence" on the screen during the exhibition and was happy to be on the opening of the exhibition. 


Art Nordic art fair, Copenhagen, Danemark

I've applied and was accepted to the Art Nordic expo in Copenhagen. Art fair was located in Locomotive museum in Copenhagen. I brought my artworks and presented my collection of  silk scarves .


Thomson Gallery

Zug, Switzerland

ArtBoxy project is a way for artists to exhibit abroad without leaving their country. My artwork "Caleidoscope" was exhibited in 2022 in Thomson Gallery in Zug, Switzerland.

exhibition_photo (2).png

Lelie Galerij

In 2022 my artwork " The Dream Path" was exhibited on digital screen during group exhibition in Lelie Gallery through Artboxy project.


A-Galeria, Siedlce University 

Continuation of my solo show Caleidoscope  was in February 2022 in A-Galeria, Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce , Poland. 

All the artworks from Caleidoscope series were shown on my exhibition.

Zrzut ekranu 2022-04-25 220045.jpg

Stefan Jaracz Theatre,

Otwock, Poland

My first solo show of  Caleidoscope series was in December 2021 in Stefan Jaracz Theatre, in Otwock, Poland. The exhibition was from December 2021 till the end of January 2022. My artworks were very well recieved  by the people.

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