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Kaleidoscope series are inspired by my favourite childhood toy. In a kaleidoscope, the mirrors and pieces of coloured glass produce changing patterns when we rotate the tube. I see it as an analogy of changing the point of view resulting in different pictures of the
world that I ultimately must integrate into one act of artistic expression. I consider it the foundation

of my artwork and philosophy of life.

"I constantly look for new media and technologies and mix them with their traditional repertoire. My search for an ideal merge drives me while experimenting with varieties of their combinations. For example, I merge oil or acrylic painting with digital graphic technologies to augment the effects of each technique, this way I`ve developed my own artistic style"

  This series of artworka was created in the artist`s proprietary technique, combining classical oil painting and digital graphics technologies. It was printed on an aluminium plate in museum-quality giclee technology and covered with plexiglass. It does not require framing – it is ready to hang.

  The artist`s signatures are in the upper left and bottom right corners and
on the reverse.

  Artworks are created in a limited edition of seven pieces. Each copy comes with a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by the artist.

  Printing the work in different sizes while maintaining an appropriate ratio is possible.

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